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Sanoya Main branch

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We sell more than 20,000 items such as second-hand watches, bags, jewelry, wallets and clothes, ROLEX, CARTIER, CHANEL, HERMES, LOUIS VITTON and more!

We have 7 branches!

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Purchase of "Sanoya" is the high and reputation! Bullion, jewelry, bags, watches, clothes, accessories, sundries plea

First "Sanoya" is anything purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us, the purchase of "Sanoya" is after all high. This is particularly ++ assessment at the closing.

Brand bags, watches, jewelry, clothing, general merchandise and "Sanoya" has dealt extensively, bullion also, you can purchase at a higher assessment, please have a variety of goods without reserve.

"Sanoya" is a purchase price high of gold. And in good faith assessment, there is a X-ray equipment, even if not a 18 Fri, and any gold products, the value of gold will know exactly, we will sincerely purchase, please feel free to contact us!

2/20 I will purchase in today 18K 1g ¥ 3,610.

Necklace has expired if gold and platinum, one only of earrings, containing ring of name, it can purchase is also broken as a product.

Such as commission appraisal fee, minus the various nominal does not have any.

18-karat gold is 100g had and then Once you if today 1g ¥ 3,610 × 100g = ¥ and 361,000 full amount will Deki give you.

It is okay if you can send cash on delivery in communication purchase.

Communication purchase the assessment immediately upon receipt to basically arrival date if you can send cash on delivery.

Customers purchase ID and password already you have enclosed you have customers, or the resident card is the shortest day of transfer is also possible.

Please send more and more cash on delivery from one point to the trader of mass liquidation goods.

I will send a courier kit, such as cardboard boxes for communication purchase for free.

Application for home delivery kit, contact us during the reception for 24 hours by e-mail.

Please send more and more mail to honten_2@sanoya.co.jp.

(In the case of communication purchase will be market day was assessed by arrival. We assessed basically arrival date)

We are looking forward from the communication center of the purchase from all over the country.

Store information

Address 33-9 3choume Kitaotsuka Toshima-ku Tokyo, JP 170-0004
TEL 0120-784-784
WEB http://www.sanoya.co.jp/
E-mail honten_2@sanoya.co.jp