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From the Meiji era, the Toshima old did was what state?

Toshima of the land of thousands of years ago, occupies one corner of the Musashino Plateau, numerous rivers
From the plateau of the basin, traces of people's lives of the Jomon era Ja'm been discovered some.


what about era of the rest ?

In, Toshima, Nerima, Kita-ku, Itabashi-ku, span large areas of such while sprinkled with talk of "Toshima clan" who had wielded the power, or let's watching!

I somehow interesting!

Well, ... from so may or may not reddening in, first, or let's go from per Asuka Period!

Asuka of around 701 years of age "Taiho Code" has been enacted I think are Kimi! Per Toshima of this time is, and Musashi country Toshima County under ancient Ritsuryosei Ja so had been called. Area of this Musashi country Toshima County, widely Na, current Taito Arakawa and North-Itabashi, Toshima, Bunkyo-Shinjuku ward and Ja do was vast areas, including part of the Shibuya Harbor and Chiyoda ward.

And then, the next step is, Heian period. !

In the 9th century the first half of the Heian period, not you, and the like 7 Township of ancient Toshima County day head-occupied how as township name of (white way) Arahaka, Yushima, Hirooka, Yogo-station house Among them, the current region corresponding to Toshima-ku, day head-Yushima (had none the center of the township 7)

The old days, I'm a do strange place names!

Oh yeah, "Toshima clan" from around the Heian era is name before in history Ja do come out! The Ja time of "Hōgen Rebellion" of 1156. And Ja'm listed in the "Hōgen story". Its name is I as "Toshima Shiro"! "Toshima Shiro" I hear it not you fought in served in the Minamoto. Here, a little but get sidetracked, now on TV, but it is broadcasting "Yoshitsune" Taira come out to "Yoshitsune", or Let's review of Genji. I'm also came out that the "Hōgen Rebellion" of 1156! Either you'll when you decided to speak on the next page.

Somehow, it looks interesting!

Te Hōgen Rebellion (complement) Heiji (peacetime), what's and nano?

Everyone, but it begs know, the word Taira and Minamoto! First of all, I do not talk from this thing.

Taira and Genji, sometimes heard.

The flat's Mr. "Taira no Kiyomori", that it Genji "Yoshitsune", as "Minamoto".

Yeah, well, the name of the three, it begs Nikki know everyone.
Speaking of Genji and the Taira, "Kanmu Taira", "Seiwa Genji" is I Ja famous. "Kanmu Taira" is, in the emperors, the "Emperor Kanmu" 50 generations, I do people who have been shoots from its descendants. And "Seiwa Genji" is, in 56 generations in the past Emperor "Emperor Seiwa" What a people who have been shoots from its descendants. "Toshima clan" we have talked about in the previous page, draw a flow of "Kanmu Taira" Ja'm strains.


On the left side of the table, a child of the "flat Yoshifumi", "Tadayori" is built to take credit in "Ran of Tairano Masakado" become the Musashi and Mutsu Mori, eldest son of "Tadayori", "SusumuTsune" is Musashi Gonmori and living in Musashi Province Chichibu County Become bid Mr. Chichibu, a child of the "SusumuTsune", "TakeTsune" is living in Musashi Province Toshima County,

Oh I see, I do such things like that. By which shoots from "Chichibu Mr.", "Mr. Chiba", "Hatakeyama clan", "Edo Mr.", "Mr. Kasai", "Kawagoe Mr.", I'm came out like.

By the way, but Ja I think that there is that you heard the word "Bando Hachihei Mr." Mr. Doi of Sagami (Sagami) (Doi), Miura's Sagami (Sagami), under (Simo) Chiba's total Musashi ( Chichibu's Musashi), in Hatakeyama clan were branched, Kawagoe Mr., such as how to count by force of at that time but Ja do various, these are not, do Ja was praised in the world.

「"Is the branching of Chichibu Mr." Toshima clan "is also, in the name of Group Heike, from the late Heian period, through the Kamakura period, and Ja did built a major force. From this, Ja did you Moba gradually forces from "Hōgen Rebellion - Heiji" to speak.

Amazing was do I ne! Te "Toshima clan".

Well, soon, either of try to talk to about "Hōgen Rebellion - Heiji". "Hōgen Rebellion" is, In a nutshell, the power struggle of the Imperial Family, samurai (Taira and Minamoto) is Ja I was caught. Ja let alone do a conflict between immediate family. This is also a simple flow because I try to table, do one of me a little can. → from regent politics by Fujiwara, and Ja do stems from it was moved to the cloister government "Emperor Shirakawa". In a nutshell, cloister government is beginning, "Emperor Toba" of the time of the grandson of Emperor Shirakawa "Emperor Toba" is sorely three people wife to (Na is' s main places) 1 person is, "Akiko = Tamako "Mr., and, second person is" Toku-ko = Tokuko "Mr. third one "Yasuko = Yasuko" Mr., and I. To "Tamako" Mr., not you were able to have two children, a son, "Emperor Sutoku = 75 generations", the second son of "Emperor Go-Shirakawa = 77 generations" born, to Mr. "Noriko" is, of eldest daughter " Akirako = Eiko "properly"Akiko= Akiko-chan "second daughter Ja do "Emperor Konoe = 76 generations of brother" was born. To "Yasuko" Mr. and Katanja such can children. Meagher's "Yasuko" is it because I have also taken a year. The three people wife and a children and father "Emperor Toba" by become the next emperor occur is a power struggle that determines the person is a close aide of there Emperor Toba, "Fujiwara faithful" (father), "Fujiwara no Tadamichi" (eldest son), joined by three power struggle of "Fujiwara no Yorinaga" (second son), actual armed conflict, "Taira no Kiyomori" = "Minamoto no Yoshitomo" set and "Tairanotadamasa" of = "Minamoto no Tameyoshi" = " and happened to become a battle between immediate family by a pair of Minamoto no Tametomo "is, Ja What" Hōgen Rebellion ". In this case, "Toshima clan" is also participating, and Ja do fought according to the "Minamoto no Yoshitomo". The result, "Emperor Go-Shirakawa" has ascended the throne, "Taira no Kiyomori" = Ja do pair was bought of "Minamoto no Yoshitomo". This thing, is gradually samurai forces. I Ja do so come involved in politics.